"Some people do not have to search, for they find their niche easily in life and rest there seemingly contented and resigned. At times, I envy them, but usually I do not understnad..and seldom do they understnad me. I am on of the searches. There are, I believe, millionsof us. We are not unhappy, but n neither are we completely content. We continue to explore life, hoping to uncover its ultimate secret. We continue to explore ourselves hoping to understand. We like to walk along the beach, we are drawn by the ocean, taken by its power and unceasing motion, its mystery and unspeakable beauty. We like forests, mountains, deserts, hiddern rivers, and lovely cities as well. Our sadness is as much a part of our lives as our laughter; to share our sadness with the ones we love is perhaps as great a joy as we know. Unless it is to share our laughter. We searchers are ambitious but only for life itself and anything beautiful it can provide. Most of all, we want to love and be loved, to live in a relationship that will not impede our wanderings and prevail our search. We do not want to prove ourselves to others or compete for love. This passage is for wanderers, dreamers, and lovers who dare to ask of life, everything which is good and beautiful." ~Found in the door of a deserted store in Colorado

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Finally in Jackson Hole...6 days and 3,000 miles later!

So we arrived last night into Jackson Hole...WOW, I can't believe I am actually here! We traveled 6 days and 3,000 miles...I visited and saw things I have never seen before! I did things I have never done before or ever imagined I could or would do! It is just fantastic and I could go on and on for hours about everything we did, but instead I am going to try and break it down for you day by day with a few pictures...

Day One: Nov. 1st, 2007
Departed from Atlanta and arrived in Dallas, TX - 830 miles - 14 1/2 hours
We stayed with one of our friends Miya...Mooch stop #1

Us heading out at 5 in the morning...the car was packed down!

Jenny, Miya, and me in Dallas...our first stop!

Day Two: Nov. 2nd, 2007
Departed from Dallas and stopped in Gallup, New Mexico - 800 miles 14 1/2 hours
We camped this night off a dirt road where there was suppose to be a lake...but we never found the lake :( We set up camp, had cold soup from the can, and we drank our home made wine...it was perfect. We ended up climbing into the car because it was so cold! A great first night of camping...for free :)
Our first night of camping.

In the tent drinking some of our wine :)
In the car...it was so cold!
Our cold soup from the can...yum!!!

Day Three: Nov. 3rd, 2007
Departed from Gallup, New Mexico and headed for the Grand Canyon!!! This was our first day of actual site seeing and fun stuff! We stopped first at the Petrified Forest in Arizona and then headed for the Grand Canyon. The Petrified Forest was amazingly beautiful and so different from anything I have ever seen. After the Petrified Forest we headed for the Grand Canyon...all I can say is WOW! There really are not any words that could accurately describe the Grand Canyon...it is truly breathtaking and magnificent! I couldn't believe I was standing there looking down into the grandest peace of Mother Nature I have ever seen...I really was in awe...there were no words...I just stood there taking it all in with wide open eyes! We only saw about 30 miles of the east rim so I can only imagine what the rest is like! The only thing I can say about it is...you must see it for yourself to understand and appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon!!! This night we camped just outside of Page, AZ at Lake Powell...which is absolutely beautiful! We slept in "Fiona" (my Xterra, that we named after Princess Fiona from Shrek because she is green!) we ate cold soup from a can again and drank more of our homemade wine...it was awesome!
The Petrified Forest

The Grand Cayon...thats me over on the right...the view was spectacular from that rock!

The Grand Canyon...that is the Colorado River off in the distance!
Jenny and I at the Grand Canyon!

Day Four: Nov. 4th, 2007
We departed from Page, AZ and stopped in Cedar Breaks, UT
We woke up at Lake Powell to a stunning sun rise...absolutely beautiful...when the sun hit the water, it turned a blue like I have never seen water turn before. We then headed out for Zion National Park and The Kolob Canyons. I really didn't think I could ever see anything as beautiful as the Grand Canyon but Zion is serious competition!! Zion reminded me of "The Land Before Time"...absolutely phenomenal and even more breath taking than I ever imagined. Here we hiked Angels Landing, which was the most difficult hike yet for me. We ascended 1500 feet to the top of the narrowest piece of rock I have ever stood on...there were times when there was nothing but steep cliff on each side and maybe 2 feet wide...incredible! At the top I could do a 360 degree turn and see for miles...we were above the birds!!! I have never challenged myself like I did today and it was the best feeling and one of the best experiences of my life!!! Pictures don't show appreciation to the height or the beauty...but trust me, it was fantastic and life changing for me :) After leaving Zion, which I could have spent days there, we headed to the Kolob Canyons. We got there later than we hoped so we only did a very easy 1 mile hike and watched to sunset! We left Kolob and drove about an hour to somewhere between Cedar City and Cedar Breaks and camped there...well we slept in "Fiona" again! We had cold soup from a can which at this point was amazing...I craved it! The vegetables were so good!! This was probably our coldest night yet!

Lake Powell at sunrise!
"Fiona" all packed down!

Day 4!

Zion National Park...hiking Angels Landing...breath taking!

We hiked that...way up there, yeah that isn't even the top...AMAZING :)

On top of Angels Landing...BEAUTIFUL!

The view from the top..."The Land Before Time"

Jenny and I on top of the world :)

Heading down Angels Landing!

Day Five: Nov. 5th, 2007
We woke up early this morning....brrrrrr cold...and headed for Bryce Canyon driving through Cedar Breaks National Park first (elevation 10,000 feet). Bryce Canyon (elevation 8,000) was like nothing I had seen yet. It was like something from another world or country...a combination of the moon, South America, and Aladin (the movie)...the canyons looked like castles carved out over years and years from wind and snow. The colors here were spectacular. We did a 3 mile hike here that took us down into the canyons which was pretty amazing! After we finished the hike, we headed to Duschene, UT to stay with Jamie, a friend from high school. Jamie is a fire fighter for the Ashley National Forest and has been doing that for 2 years now...pretty amazing what they do! We arrived at Jamie's pretty late but they cooked us homemade spaghetti and salad...YUM! This was our first real meal in 4 days...and my first shower in 4 days! We had a great time with Jamie and his roommates!! This was also our first night in 3 nights of not sleeping in "Fiona"...so needless to say after a shower, warm meal, and comfy bed, I slept great :)

Jenny and I at Bryce Canyon.

Us at Bryce Canyon.

Down in the canyons!

Our friend Jamie!
Our new friends in Utah :)

Day Six: Nov 6th, 2007
Destination, Jackson Hole, WY!!! We drove most of the day...about 6 or so hours and finally arrived around 7:30. It was great...I couldn't believe I was actually here and it wasn't for vacation...this was my new home for a while and I was ecstatic :) Jenny's friends from the summer and Tori (our other roommate) planned a cook out and I got to meet lots of new people and they were all super nice and so welcoming! We ate dinner and then went out for a couple drinks, and then we went home and crashed!

My new friends in Jackson...cook out at Megans!

This morning we woke up early and started unpacking and settling in...our place is great! I am hoping to go for a run a little later...I need to get use to the elevation. And then tonight I think we are cooking out again and having a bon fire...can't wait! It is very cold but the weather is beautiful today. The weather was great for us the whole road trip and it is just carrying on so I couldn't ask for any better right now! I miss home and my family but I am looking forward to what lies ahead :)
I am hoping to blog once a week to keep everyone up on what is happening so I hope you enjoy...love and miss you all...see ya :)

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Megan said...

Wow!! What an adventure y'all have had already :) LovED reading about everything and seeing pictures - can't wait to now SHARE the new adventures ahead!! WELCOME TO JACKSON!!! GEORGIA REPRESENT!!! :)